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About us

The canis therapy training association Hafik, z.s (referred to as Hafik hereinafter) was established January 2001 in Třeboň as an organization responsible for the teaching, training, and testing of volunteers, canis therapy teams, as well as above all else, the provision of professional canis therapy. The impetus for the establishment of the organization was born out of the need for professionally performed canistherapy to be practiced within the Czech Republic. 

Since 2008, Hafík has been an accredited long-term volunteer center. In the Czech Republic, Hafík became the first organization accredited to provide volunteer service with successfully tested therapeutic dogs. The main mission of this accredited long-term volunteer service is to support individuals with disabilities, special needs, seniors, and individuals from socio-cultural diverse backgrounds to aid in social integration. Today Hafík successfully operates and provides canis therapy throughout the entire Czech Republic, with the largest concentration of service provision found in the Southern and Central Bohemian regions. Canis therapy itself is often conducted, among other settings, within schools, social service facilities, and medical facilities. Services are carried out through volunteers visiting programs, special one-off events, and other, longer, events such as the annually organized canis therapy integration camp. 

Association Objectives

•    Professional performance of canistherapy as a method of support for the psychosocial health of people of all ages
•    Provision of quality services in connection with the performance of all modalities of canistherapy - AAA, AAT and AAE
•    Preparation of canis therapy teams for practicing, training, and testing the suitability of dogs for canis therapy
•    Implementation of educational and consultative activities (Course and seminar organization)
•    Providing professional information for those interested in canis therapy
•    Support for socially inclusive tendencies


Výcvikové canisterapeutické sdružení Hafík, z.s.
Domanín 150, 379 01 Třeboň
IČO: 265 15 598
Bank: 288610149/0300, ČSOB, a.s.
Data box: j2qdb54

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